Foods and home remedies that may prevent
Vitiligo is a rare skin disease that causes discoloration or pigmentation on one’s skin. People with vitiligo may notice smooth white or light patch...Read more


5 common signs of myasthenia
Myasthenia gravis is a condition that weakens the voluntary muscles, making them tire easily. It develops when the communication between nerves and mu...Read more


6 hidden signs of brittle bone disease in
Brittle bone disease, medically known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), is a rare genetic disorder that affects one in about 20,000 people. Marked by f...Read more

Using Probiotics to Treat Yeast Infections

Let's take a brief look at yeast contagions and other fungi contagions, along with their prevention measures Fungi are everywhere. There are almost a million different species of fungi all over the world. It’s almost a miracle that only a handfu...Read more

Acid reflux during pregnancy

Acid reflux during pregnancy: Symptoms and lifestyle changes to avoid themAcid reflux is a condition wherein one experiences pain in the lower chest area, which is commonly referred to as heartburn. When the acids of the stomach travel back to the es...Read more

Hip Bursitis – Causes, Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Treatment

The hip joint is one of the strongest joints of the human body. It helps us to stand and walk and absorbs the impact when we jump. However, it is not immune to wear and tear. Hip bursitis or the inflammation of a bursa in the hip is one of the common...Read more

Symptoms and Diagnosis of a Pulmonary Embolism

A pulmonary embolism can have many symptoms that are associated with other medical conditions like heart disease. However, if you do identify any of these symptoms in yourself or others, contact your nearest medical emergency services as it can be a ...Read more

Causes and Symptoms of Bipolar Mania

Formerly known as manic depression, bipolar disorder refers to a mental health condition wherein the patients have extreme moods swings, from emotional highs (bipolar mania/hypomania) to emotional lows (depression), with such mood swings occurring mu...Read more

Coexisting with Diabetes

Diabetes being a chronic condition can disrupt a person’s life. However, it’s still possible to live comfortably with this chronic condition, and we’ll tell you how.

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